What to Expect

What to Expect

At Griffin’s Chapel You’ll find a laid-back, welcoming atmosphere. We want everyone to be comfortable so come as you are, no need to dress up. You’ll find people wearing whatever is comfortable, from jeans and t-shirts, to shirts, ties, and dresses. We also want people to come as they are spiritually as well. So, no matter if this is your first time in church (or maybe a really long time), or if you go every Sunday, we want you to know you are welcome. We are all at different places in our Christian walk, the beauty of being part of a local church is that we can walk with each other, supporting and encouraging one another as we draw closer to God.

You can expect:

Warm and Friendly People. We are a close group of people who love God and want others to share the same love we have for God. You may enter a visitor, but you will quickly become family!

A Christ Centered Service.  From the beginning of our service, to the final Amen, we strive to bring Glory to God, by making sure that everything we do points us back to Him.

Practical Messages for Everyday Life. Our goal is for you to grow not just in knowledge of God, but in your daily walk with Him as well.

Family Oriented Worship. We begin our services with children in our service and are dismissed halfway through service to Children’s Church where they can learn about God on their own terms.

Helpful Ushers. If you ever have a question, one of our ushers will be happy to help you.

A Gift for Joining Us. Fill out a Connection Card that is attached to your bulletin to help us get to know you, drop the completed card in the offering plate and a person from our hospitality team will make sure you get a welcome gift.

We are handicap accessible church. Our church building has handicap ramps to enable everyone to be able to be a part of our worship. We also have tons of handicap parking, including a few covered spots to help keep you dry during inclement weather. If you join us on a day when we are receiving Holy Communion, we want you to know that we serve open communion. This means that you do not have to be a member of our church to partake in Communion.